Amazon: More than 6 million counterfeit products sold

Amazon: More than 6 million counterfeit products sold

Amazon announced Tuesday that it identified, seized and disposed of more than 6 million counterfeit products in 2022 as part of its brand protection work, up from about 3 million the previous year.

According to the e-commerce giant, the number of counterfeiters brought to justice also grew in 2022, with a total of 1,300 sued or reported to authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and China.

Amazon’s work

The company, in its annual report on counterfeiting, stressed at the same time that the measures put in place are increasingly deterring sellers acting in bad faith.

Thus, it explained that in 2022 it stopped more than 800 thousand attempts to create new sales accounts, which prevented counterfeit products from being put on sale, compared to 2.5 million attempts in 2021 and 6 million in 2020.

In addition, infringement claims are down by more than 35% from 2021 and the trademark registration of Amazon Has grown to more than one million active brands.

According to the company, 99% of fraudulent product offers were “proactively blocked or removed.”

“We are proud of the progress our organization has made in the past year, specifically by further evolving our technology to stay ahead of sellers acting in bad faith and doubling down on our criminal referrals and litigation efforts,” said in a statement Dharmesh Mehta, vice president of International Business Partner Services at Amazon(EFE)

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