Apple and its delicate effort to become less and less dependent on China

Apple and its delicate effort to become less and less dependent on China

Tim CookCEO of Apple, was at China at the end of March of this year. The senior executive participated in several activities and even met with Wang Wentao, China’s Minister of Commerce.

The Chinese official then promised to Apple that “China is willing to provide a good environment and services for foreign companies including Apple“.

The visit of Tim Cook there is nothing unusual about it, since Apple Is one of the companies that have maintained good ties with. China. What is striking is that it happened in the midst of the company’s plans to become less and less reliant on China.

Apple looking beyond China

Trouble in factories in Foxconn in the so-called “iPhone City” in China affected Applewhich was unable to meet the demand for its new iPhone 14 Pro y iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple has plans to diversify its production chains and is eyeing these countries: India for the iPhone and accessories, Vietnam for AirPods and assembly of Mac, Malaysia for the production of some Mac e Ireland for the iMacsays Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Same, Apple plans to maintain a large presence in Chinacountry where his iPhone are the sales leaders and where a sudden move could cause a “patriotic” offensive.

It also benefits China the good work carried out by its factories, with Apple encountering quality control problems in its Asian alternatives. That is why there is no indication of the production of the more expensive iPhones, the Pro y Pro Max to move from China for the time being.

It is expected that India is becoming more and more important and manufactures together with China the first batches of the new iPhone. Usually Chinese production reaches the stores first, but Apple seems to have taken this target to test the capacity of the factories based in India.

Apple is also working to become less reliant on factories in Taiwan of the giant TSMCconcerned about tensions with China.


Daniel Chapman