TuSubtitulo to close due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’: ‘We appreciate your love for series and languages’.

TuSubtitulo to close due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’: ‘We appreciate your love for series and languages’.

The important page YourSubtitle has announced the closure of its servers on May 5.

The community has pointed out that this decision is being taken due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’, a fact for which it has written a farewell message to its thousands of users.

Closes a big one

Several moderators and translators of TuSubtitulo.es started working on TuSubtitulo.com since the closure of the original portal.

From there, they created a strong community based on sharing their knowledge in other languages to bring the most famous series and movies into Spanish (and English).

“It is with a heart full of gratitude that we turn to you. It has been an honor to share our passion for the subtitles series with all of you. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, we are faced with the difficult decision to close the site. We would like to thank you for your unconditional support and dedication over the years,” the portal said in a statement.

“To allow you to enjoy our subtitles once again, we will keep the page open until May 5. We deeply appreciate your love for the series and the languages, and we will carry you in our hearts as we say goodbye to this incredible adventure. Thank you for being part of the story of YourSubtitle!”, he says goodbye.

Legal problems?

Despite their willingness to create community, to create subtitles also faced “infringement of intellectual property rights”.

Currently, the penalties for this activity go up to actual imprisonment, so even if the page has no advertising and does not generate income, it was a complicated situation for those responsible.

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