Tesla to build giant battery factory in China

Tesla to build giant battery factory in China

Elon Musk has announced the construction of a giant battery factory in Shanghai, China, for his company Tesla.

The Megapack will begin construction later this year and expects to be ready for opening by mid-2024.

What it offers

The plant will be able to build 10,000 Megapacksthe name given to the company’s batteries.

They can store three megawatt hours, which is enough energy to power 3600 homes for at least one hour.

Tesla ensures that each unit Megapack requires very little maintenance and comes with a 20-year warranty, plus they are shipped fully assembled and ready to be put into action.

Such Megapacks manufactured in China will be sold worldwide. Other plants for these products are located in Texas, USA, and Australia.

More out than in

The ad goes to Tesla increasing its dependence on China at a time when the United States is using economic policy to pressure automakers and other manufacturers to produce more of their products domestically.

Under the updated rules, companies in the department’s states must source their automotive battery minerals from U.S. and other approved trading partners for the vehicles to qualify for the incentive.

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