ChatGPT: OpenAI prepares corrections after blocking in Italy

ChatGPT: OpenAI prepares corrections after blocking in Italy

The company OpenAI, responsible for the chatbot ChatGPTwill present measures to remedy the concerns that led to the chatbot ban in Italy last week. Italy’s Data Protection Agency, Guarantor.said the San Francisco-based company plans to be more transparent in the way it handles user data and verifies their age.


Last week, Garante accused OpenAI of not verifying the age of ChatGPT users and of the “absence of any legal basis justifying the massive collection and storage of personal data”.. The company said it would send Garante a document with measures to respond to its requests on Thursday.

OpenAI withdrew ChatGPT from Italy after Garante temporarily restricted its use and started an investigation into a possible violation of privacy rules. The company claimed that it does not use the data to sell its services, advertising or build profiles of people, but to improve its models and make them more useful for people. In a press conference, OpenAI stated that it does not intend to slow down the development of artificial intelligence, but reiterated the importance of respecting the rules aimed at protecting the personal data of Italian and European citizens.

“We do not allow our technology to be used to generate hateful, harassing, violent or adult content, among other categories” stressed OpenAI in a statement setting out clear ideas on AI security. “Our latest model, GPT-4, is 82% less likely to respond to requests for prohibited content compared to GPT-3.5 and we have established a robust system to monitor its abusive use. GPT-4 is already available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and we expect to make it available to even more people over time.”

The data authority said it will evaluate proposals made by. OpenAI and a source close to the matter consulted by Reuters said it would probably take several days to evaluate the contents of the letter.

The ban in Italy has piqued the interest of other privacy regulators in Europe, who are studying whether tougher measures are needed for chatbots and whether there is a need to coordinate such actions. In February, Garante banned artificial intelligence chatbot company Replika use the personal data of Italian users, citing risks to minors and emotionally fragile people.

Daniel Chapman