Top 3 countries where casino gambling is strictly prohibited!

When it comes to casino gambling, legislation is not the same all over the world. Although there are more and more liberal markets that allow gambling in all its diversity, in some countries such entertainment is still strongly demonized. A total of eight countries formally prohibit gambling to their residents, including Qatar, China and North Korea. Let’s see which three are the most important ones.

3 countries that don’t allow their citizens to gamble at casinos

Gambling regulations are different in each country. In France, we can consider ourselves lucky to to be able to play blackjack or roulette In the three countries we are about to talk about, this is not the case at all. This is not at all the case in the three countries we are about to tell you about…

1. Cambodia

Although Cambodia is slowly opening up to the rest of the world, gambling is simply forbidden to the local population. Indeed, under the Khmer Rouge regime, gambling had been banned throughout the country, before being legalized in the 1990s. The government in place quickly regretted its choice because Cambodian citizens have their own way of gambling, even if it means falling quickly into addiction!

A law therefore revoked all licenses issued to operators and banned all forms of betting to Cambodians, including slot machines, the latter remaining legal until 2009. The casinos that are still operating today can only welcome foreign visitors. As for Internet gambling, it is prohibited according to the Gambling Restriction Act.

2. Cuba

Cuba is still a communist regime, so the locals can not go to a casino to have fun (anyway, there are not even any). It must be said that, as a rule, in communist nations, casinos have always been considered a way to extract money from visiting tourists.

In Cuba, land-based casinos do not exist. As for online casinos, they are in principle not allowed. Internet access in Cuba is highly centralized and controlled, so it is probably best for residents to avoid surfing online gambling sites. It should be noted that Fidel Castro banned all forms of gambling in 1959, after ousting Fulgencio Batista. Since then, gambling is an illegal activity in Cuba, as the Ley 86 de 1959.

3. Lebanon

Lebanese law stipulates that citizens may not engage in any gambling-related activity.

The government in power has the power to block any practice deemed illegal. The Lebanese judicial system is peculiar in that it is based on confessionalism, with power being distributed among different religious communities.

In Lebanon, it is possible for foreigners to gamble at the Casino du Liban, the only establishment in the country where gambling is not prohibited. There is also a local operator that offers online gambling, La Libanaise des Jeux, but again, it refuses to allow citizens residing in Lebanon to gamble.

Kayleigh Williams