Apple: CEO Tim Cook claims to read users’ emails

Apple: CEO Tim Cook claims to read users’ emails

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cooksays he starts his day at 5 a.m. reading emails and comments from the company’s customers.

According to GQhe does it because he wants to understand how his technology is impacting people’s lives, “for better or worse.”

Tim Cook Day

“If you’re in the business, as we are, of creating technology that really enriches people’s lives, you want to know what it’s doing,” he said. “You want to know how people feel about it.”

Cook is one of the few CEOs of major technology companies to have his email address open to the public. Jeff Bezos, former CEO and founder of Amazon, did the same.

“Of course, I get some complaints, too,” he added. “Those are great too, because I want to stay grounded in terms of what our users think, what they feel.”

According to Cook’s profile of GQoften forwards these e-mails to other GQ employees. Apple to find out the public’s impressions of the company’s moves.

The most special letter he received

Tim Cook, in this account, described a particularly “touching” letter he received precisely on the day of the interview.

The sender suffered a seizure while driving his car and crashed it, but the iPhone 14’s fault detection system caused the device to call emergency services when they were unable to do so. In the email, the user thanked you for this life-saving feature.

This way of starting the day is different from that of other tech leaders. Mark Zuckerberg starts his day reading Facebook, while Elon Musk “eats a donut every morning.” Jeff Bezos claims to read the newspaper and have breakfast with his kids, while Bill Gates starts the morning on the treadmill.

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