Twitch CEO disappointed by how Amazon announced more layoffs

Twitch CEO disappointed by how Amazon announced more layoffs

Apparently, even Twitch’s CEO wasn’t prepared for the additional 9,000 layoffs that Amazon announced at the end of March.

The CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, indicated on March 20 that the company would lay off 9,000 more workers in addition to the 18,000 announced in January.

“After concluding the second phase of our operating plan this week, I am writing to share with you that we plan to eliminate about 9 thousand more positions in the coming weeks, primarily in Amazon Web Services (AWS), PXT, Advertising, and Twitch. It has been a difficult decision, but one that we believe will help the company in the long term,” reads part of the memo.

Twitch CEO surprised

Insider accessed an internal communication made by Dan ClancyCEO of Twitch, a company owned by Amazon since 2014.

In this one, he is “disappointed” in the way Amazon announced the measures, which also involved staff from Twitch.

“We had planned to share this news with the company the same day we notified the affected individuals. However, I am confirming this news with all of you today because an internal memo was issued announcing additional function eliminations and named Twitch. I am disappointed to share the news in this way before we are able to communicate directly to those who will be affected, but it is important for you to hear directly from me confirming this difficult news,” he wrote.

Clancy even looks surprised, when he apologizes for not having more details at the time.

“Unfortunately, we cannot say anything more concrete until all the work is completed. In the meantime, I assure you that we will act as quickly as possible, while remaining careful and diligent in caring for those affected. At this time, we expect to communicate this decision to those affected no later than early next week. I know this is incredibly frustrating.


Daniel Chapman