China criticizes U.S. ‘state abuse’ of TikTok

China criticizes U.S. ‘state abuse’ of TikTok

China has criticized all the power imposed by the U.S. government to ban the TikTok app in multiple ways.

The U.S. government’s bans on the app reveal “Washington’s own insecurities and are an abuse of state power,” said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of China.


The U.S. government “has been exaggerating the concept of national security and abusing state power to suppress other countries’ enterprises,” Mao Ning said at a daily briefing on Tuesday. “How insecure can it be United Statesthe world’s leading superpower, to fear a young man’s favorite application to such a degree?”

The White House is giving all federal agencies, in guidance issued Monday, 30 days to erase TikTok of all governmental devices. This institution no longer allowed TikTok on your devices.

TikTok is used by two-thirds of U.S. teenagers, but there is concern in the U.S. country that China may use its legal and regulatory powers “to obtain private user data or to try to push misinformation or narratives in favor of its government.”

Congress and more than half of the U.S. states have so far prohibited TikTok on government-issued mobile devices.

Now, it is Canada itself that is joining this campaign that is also being replicated in the European bloc.

China acts likewise

However, China has long blocked a large list of foreign social networking platforms and messaging apps, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On its home turf, it pushes a large number of domestic companies with similar apps to give it priority on its internet.

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