50th anniversary of ‘The dark side of the moon’, Pink Floyd’s album that redefined progressive rock

50th anniversary of ‘The dark side of the moon’, Pink Floyd’s album that redefined progressive rock

On March 1, 1973, the group Pink Floyd launched The dark side of the moontheir eighth studio album. This work was to redefine what is currently known as symphonic rockthus becoming one of the best-selling and most influential albums in the history of music.

Greed, obsession with death or the passage of time. are themes on which the band focused to talk about in the lyrics of the songs that make up this album, whose 50th anniversary is celebrated this Tuesday.

Such was the reception of The dark side of the moon which was 741 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s top 200 best-selling album charts. in the United States and, after some of its reissues, managed to reach 900, a record that has yet to be equaled.

In addition to being positioned for almost eight years in a row in one of the most important lists of the music industry, the sales figures are of some 45 million copies worldwideranking it as the third best-selling album, surpassed only by Thriller by Michael Jackson and the Back in black by AC/DC.

Your iconic cover formed by a prism, which is crossed by a beam of white light that decomposes, has become the hallmark of this rock band formed by Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Bob Klose.

Reissue of the 50th anniversary cover of ‘The dark side of the moon’.

In fact, on the occasion of this anniversary, Pink Floyd has wanted to reissue it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the album.something that has generated some controversy in social networks.

The cover of The Dark Side of the Moon represented one of the principles of optics, the refraction of light in an object that breaks light into the colors of the rainbow. Now, on this 50th anniversary album, the figure is included inside the triangular prism and the zero is filled with the colors.

Roger Waters at a Pink Floyd concert.
Roger Waters at a Pink Floyd concert.

This is a change in the arrangement of the elements that keeps the essence, but gives it a different touch. However, there are users who have shown their disagreement with this cover.confirming that they do not remember the 1973 cover and do not understand the principle of optics.

50th anniversary disc of 'The Dark Side of the Moon' (2023) and the original (1973).

In addition, with this new format, the band has been accused by some Internet users of gender ideology.because they believed that the rainbow corresponded to the LGTBI flag.

Take away the rainbow, you’re looking stupid.“, wrote one user on Facebook after Pink Floyd updated their profile picture to the new logo. “From this moment on I don’t listen to this band,” wrote another.

The truth is that, in the face of these homophobic and ignorant comments, many are those who have come out in defense of Pink Floyd in networks and clarify, between laughs, where the rainbow comes from. “If you don’t understand what the colors inside the zero mean, do us all a favor and stop following Pink Floyd.; you’ve probably never owned an album of theirs, let alone this album in question,” tweeted one user.

Roger Waters concert in Spain

In 1985, Roger Waters’ disagreements with the rest of the group. -especially with David Gilmour- caused the group to split up. At the end of this decade, Gilmour managed to get the rights to the name and, together with Mason and Wright, they returned to the road.

Although in 2005 the four members of Pink Floyd reunited on a one-off basis to perform at Live 8 for a macro charity event, they have not been seen performing together again.

This year, Roger Waters lands in Spain with his solo tour. This Is Not A Drill. The singer and songwriter will perform two concerts in Madrid, on March 23 and 24 at the WiZink Center, and one in Barcelona, on March 21, at the Palau Sant Jordi.

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