Netflix announces discount for plans in certain countries

Netflix announces discount for plans in certain countries

Netflix is going through one of the most complicated situations in its entire history as, now that it has changed its account sharing policies, thousands of users have threatened to cancel their subscriptions to the service from streaming in all countries where this new measure has been imposed. Aware of what is coming, the company has announced a discount on the cost of its plan, but with certain limitations.

According to the portal Xataka MobileOn February 13, the company began distributing a mailing to certain users in some Latin American countries. In this mailing, it mentions the price reduction in the various plans of Netflix as a new strategy to keep its audience now that a massive cancellation of subscriptions has been threatened.

Netflix’s -tricky- offer

Because Latin America was the first region in which the company began testing its new shared account policy, Netflix has decided to start with its new batch of offers for its plans. Basic, Standard y Premium in certain countries in this part of the world. “The best entertainment now comes at a lower monthly price.”is the title of this press release.

It is important to mention that the rebates have not been the same for all the countries where they have been applied, so below we mention what the prices will be for Netflix depending on the territory.

Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Paraguay.

  • Basic: $3.99 (previously $7.99)
  • Standard: 5.99$ (previously 10.99$)
  • Premium: 7.99$ (previously 13.99$)

El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala.

  • Basic: $4.99 (previously $7.99)
  • Standard: $7.99 (previously $10.99)
  • Premium: $10.99 (previously $13.99)


  • Basic: $4.99 (previously $8.99)
  • Standard: $8.99 (previously $12.99)
  • Premium: $12.99 (previously $15.99)

In the case of Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua y Paraguay, users have benefited from up to 50% discount on the plan. Basic and 40% in the plans Standard y Premium. At the moment, Netflix has not commented on the arrival of these discounts in other countries both in Latin America and in other regions of the world.

Netflix gets down to work

The reception of the new shared account policies from Netflix has been very hard as certain territories such as Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador. y GuatemalaIn addition, users will have to pay more money if they want to lend their respective accounts to friends or relatives who do not live in the same house. The possibility that more subscriptions will be cancelled during this period due to the company’s measure is quite likely.

Netflixwho has dominated the video streaming services market for many years. on demandhas begun to see how its supremacy is being threatened by the proposals of other companies with platforms such as HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+ y SkyShowtimeeach with its own exclusive content and, above all, with more economical and competitive plans.

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