iSoftBet’s new wish-fulfilling slot machine!

Last week, online casino games developer iSoftBet – now owned by IGT – launched a new video slot called Rise of the Genie. If you’re a fan of Aladdin and the Disney lore, you’ll be thrilled to play Rise of the Genie! Indeed, the genie of the lamp is the star of this new game that may well grant all your dearest wishes!

Rise of the Genie slot machine: a magic lamp to serve you!

iSoftBet, the world-renowned iGaming content aggregator and provider, invites players to take Aladdin’s lamp and summon the famous genie! What if he fills their pockets with cash and grants their wildest wishes for wealth?

Composed of 3 reels, the new online slot from the British studio is based on an innovative system that mixes risks and rewards. In fact, in Rise of the Genie, the potential winnings that can be reached by the users are correlated with their risk appetite.

More concretely, after a winning combination, users fill a pot which they can not touch until the next win. This gain rises crescendo under the effect of multipliers and other random bonuses. However, the genie can stop the bettors in their tracks at any time, and empty the pot they took so long to build!

In Rise of the Genie, there are three singular pots. Depending on the symbols involved in a winning combination, each Spin helps the player advance into one of the three pots. For example, the magic lamp symbol fills the largest pot, the one in the center of the reels. The book symbol fills the medium-sized pot. Finally, the star icon fills the smallest pot.

Should you withdraw your winnings or risk winning more?

At any time during the game, players can either withdraw the winnings they have already receivedor continue spinning the reels, leaving their pots untouched. However, as explained above, even when the top of the three-pot winnings ladder has been reached, the genie can pop up and ruin any progress, emptying all the pots and forcing players to start all over again!

Speaking about iSoftBet’s new slot, Mark Claxton, the studio’s Head of Games, said, ” With Rise of the Genie™, we’ve departed from our usual style of play. We wanted to explore a new theme while incorporating a unique risk and reward system that perfectly complements the gameplay “.

And this one concludes: ” Players must be cool and power through a selection of pots, with the goal of course being to cash in as much as possible. Unfortunately, in Rise of the Genie™, the genie isn’t very nice, he has several tricks up his sleeve to stop your progress… “. Players of iSoftBet online casinos, you have been warned!

Kayleigh Williams