Ukraine: Cyber-attacks increased 300 % more due to conflict with Russia

Ukraine: Cyber-attacks increased 300 % more due to conflict with Russia

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant, which was acquired by Google, has said that there was a 300 % increase in cyberattacks globally during 2022 and is mainly due to the invasion of Russia a Ukraine.

According to the report, cyber attacks on. Ukraine increased by 250 % compared to 2020 and against NATO member countries by 300 %.

Digital warfare

Breaking down the information, there were more than 150 military organizations from Ukraine which were breached by Russian government-related hackers. Nearly half of the targets were focused on these government websites, while a third were through Gmail campaigns.

During the first four months of 2022, there were as many cyberattacks in. Ukraine than in the previous 8 years.

Mandiant notes that the groups most active in these crimes were Frozenlake and Pushcha. The former attacked NATO countries with an extreme phishing campaign, while the latter (of Belarusian origin) attacked Poland and Lithuania during their elections.

In 2022 alone, Google has dismantled up to 1,950 campaigns directed against its platform by Russian organizations such as IRA (Internet Research Agency), KrymskybridGe, News Front, ANNA News or UKR Leaks.

Detected everywhere

Microsoft has also detected a large escalation in cyberattacksbut the company indicates that half of the attacks were targeted at the United States, especially at players in the technology industry.

Today, because of the earthquake in Turkey, even NATO’s special operations team was the victim of DDoS attacks, proof of how this conflict does not distinguish between dates or times.

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Kayleigh Williams