Top 5 jobs you can do in a land-based casino

Covid-19 pandemic, energy crisis, food shortages, the news of the moment is not really reassuring. As for the job market in France, it is in a bad way with an unemployment rate of 7,5% and the global precariousness of the jobs, including those which were particularly reassuring in the past (teacher, health staff, etc).

To sign a first work contract and get a decent salary, to reorient your career or simply to improve your professional prospects in the future, why not try to join the team of a land-based casino? Indeed, despite the fact that the hours are not always compatible with family life, the casino professions offer the advantage of attractive remuneration, not to mention the fact that they allow you to train for free, and quickly, with a diploma at the end!

The 5 casino jobs that can boost your career

In order to invigorate your career, try a professional poker move! In the following lines, we present you the 5 most attractive jobs to exercise in a casino. These are qualifying, remunerative and even offer nice prospects of evolution.

1. Croupier

The job of a dealer is necessarily the first one that comes to mind when we think of casinos. As well intended for the men as for the women, the trade of croupier requires much address, a good memory, a concentration of all the moments as well as a certain ease in mental calculations. The presentation of the croupier must also be meticulous.

2. Barman

In the casinos, there are inevitably bartenders! Indeed, generally, people who are out in a casino do not hesitate to consume one or more drinks. The establishments are therefore looking for experienced bartenders who can handle the pressure, and who are efficient during busy times.

3. Security guard

There are large amounts of money circulating in casinos, not to mention that they are often the target of thieves and other crooks. For all these reasons, casinos need security guards. Discreet, attentive and able to intervene in the event of malicious action, security guards are destined to have a bright future, whether at the entrance to the casino or near the tables.

4. Machine Technician

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction affecting a specific slot machine, technicians are called upon by the casino to remedy the problem. With a diploma from a DUT in electrical and electromechanical engineering or a BTS in computer science, the machine technician has a place of choice in a casino.

5. Customer manager

In a land-based casino, the customer is king. They must be treated with care and it is essential that they feel fulfilled. The customer service representative, whether he or she is a front desk agent, a cashier or other, must reflect the values of the casino and be attentive to the needs of the customer.

Kayleigh Williams