Queen Sofia presides over the American launch of the Hispanic History portal in Houston

Queen Sofia presides over the American launch of the Hispanic History portal in Houston

Queen Emeritus Sofia presided this Tuesday at the Julia Ideson Library in the city of Houston lhe presentation on American soil of the Historia Hispánica websitea tool created by the Royal Academy of Spanish History and described as the largest database in the world on events and characters of Spanish history and its colonies.

Speaking at the event, organized by the Queen Sophia Institute, were Jaime Olmedo, technical director of the Royal Academy of History, and Raul A. Ramos, professor of U.S. History specializing in the borderlands, Texas and the relationship with Mexico, author of the book “Beyond the Alamo: The Forging of Mexican Ethnicity in San Antonio.”

The Hispanic History portal was already presented for the first time in Madrid on February 28th in the presence of King Felipe VI; defined as a sort of “google maps” of the history of Spain.allows to know more than 20,000 events and 50,000 characters through geolocation.

Queen Letizia at the opening ceremony of the 'XXII Congreso Salud Mental España'.

It also contains 150,000 geographical referenceswhere characters are linked to events and allows searches not only by characters, but also by periods, places and themes.

The portal will serve teachers and students in the areas of U.S. History and World History, as it contains hundreds of historical figures and events specifically in the continental United States, and it will also allow for to highlight the Spanish footprint in the United Statesnot sufficiently known.

Yesterday, Doña Sofía attended the Spain Fusion Texas 2023 eventa gastronomic forum that will take place between May 15 and 22 in the cities of Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston, in which the following will be the main objectives to promote Spanish cuisine in the United States with demonstrations and tastings of Spanish products aimed at importers, distributors, traders, chefs and hospitality entrepreneurs.

Queen Emeritus made a tour of the pavilions where gastronomy and hospitality professionals are invited to enjoy the Spanish gastronomic experience, and specifically of the flagship products, such as wines, olive oil, Iberian ham and cheese.among others.

Kayleigh Williams