Biden delays trip to Australia to continue spending ceiling negotiations in Washington

Biden delays trip to Australia to continue spending ceiling negotiations in Washington

U.S. President Joe Biden has postponed his trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea.planned for after the G7 meetings in Japan, in order to continue negotiations with the House of Representatives on raising the spending ceiling to avoid defaulting on the country’s debts.

Through a statement, the White House has announced that Biden has spoken with the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, to tell him. the news of the postponement And invite him for a state visit to Washington at another time. He has also spoken with James Marape, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, to try to find another time for the trip.

La del spending ceiling limit is a negotiation that has been stalled for weeks between the president and the Republican-majority Congress, prompting Biden to meet with House leader Kevin McCarthy to try to unravel it.

U.S. President Joe Biden with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (left) and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm at the White House.

For his part, U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has assured that. this last-minute change of plans does not harm the external image of his country: “All leaders of democracies, understand and respect American leadership on the world stage, and know that our ability to pay our debts is a key part of U.S. credibility and leadership around the world.”

The United States achieved the proposed debt limit of US$31.4 billion (‘28.417 billion).which led the Treasury Department to take measures that allow the country to extend the payment deadline until June, a term that is also coming to an end.

Republican members of the House believe that the country could concur in a default on its debt. and have proposed raising the debt limit and in turn cutting spending, a move that the White House rejects, considering that it would imply a loss of confidence in the U.S. economy and provoke a financial crisis.

Quad security summit canceled

Australia’s prime minister, Anthony Albanese, announced Wednesday. the cancellation of the Quad leaders’ security summit.comprising Australia, India, Japan, the United States and the United States, for the last-minute absence of U.S. President Joe Biden..

“The Quad leaders’ meeting will not be held in Sydney next week,” Albanese has told a press conference about this meeting scheduled for next Wednesday.

Kayleigh Williams