18-Year-Old Identified as Perpetrator of New Mexico Shooting

18-Year-Old Identified as Perpetrator of New Mexico Shooting

U.S. authorities on Tuesday identified 18-year-old as the alleged perpetrator of a shooting in New Mexico. (USA), which left three dead and several wounded.

Eighteen-year-old Beau Wilson, who. was shot and killed on Monday by police officers who responded to the attack, was a student at the Farmington local high school. (New Mexico), according to local media.

Local police reported Tuesday that. Wilson fired, apparently arbitrarilyat homes and vehicles in a neighborhood in the northwestern part of the city with a semi-automatic weapon and three other pistols. which he had legally acquired last November, one month after his 18th birthday.

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The young man fired in a “fairly indiscriminate” manner, said local deputy police chief Kyle Dowdy. For the moment the motive for the attack is unknown and whether Wilson was related to the victims.

The deceased persons were all elderly womentwo of them over 70 years old and one over 90 years old.

Among the injured were two officers, who were treated at a local hospital and have since been discharged.

According to the group Gun Violence Archivedocumenting gun violence in the U.S., andn so far in 2023 there have been 224 “mass shootings.”which the organization defines as an incident with 4 or more victims – dead or wounded – not counting the aggressor.

Emergency and law enforcement personnel at the scene of a shooting at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas.

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