Afghan terrorist arrested after crossing U.S.-Mexico border between migrants

Afghan terrorist arrested after crossing U.S.-Mexico border between migrants

One person who was included in the terrorist watch list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was arrested on May 10 after he crossed, among a group of migrants, the northern border into the United States from the Mexican city of Tijuana.

Regarding this fact, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila said this Tuesday to local media that. the U.S. authorities have confirmed the arrestHowever, he assured that neither the FBI nor the Mexican immigration authorities “had informed him details about the person and his entry into Mexican territory”.

“The National Institute of Migration (INM) is the one who must have. the registration of that Afghan person in the event that during his stay in Mexican territory he used airports or bus stations for his transfer to this border”, said the state governor.

For his part, the director of Attention to Migrants in Tijuana, Enrique Lucero, has assured that it is not the first time that people “considered terrorists cross illegally from Tijuana to the United States but that the U.S. authority does not share this information for security reasons”.

Migrants wait for U.S. authorities, between a barbed wire barrier and border fence at the U.S.-Mexico border, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Arrest could become politicized

Activist Albert Rivera Colón, director of the Ágape Misión Mundial shelter, has no doubt that the situation “is going to become politicized,” which would serve as a way for the U.S. government to justify increased security at the border.

Although he has also emphasized that this situation makes it clear the lack of cooperation, intelligence and information between Mexico and the United States.which has allowed these types of people to cross the border.

He has also said that there is a lack of cooperation between nations, which has triggered the proliferation of “polleros” (human traffickers) in the region.

“All of this we have looked at over the years, but the issue now is that we also there is a large market of ‘polleros’ and the intelligence against them is very weak or is not working,” he said.

This Tuesday, Jim Desmond, supervisor of the fifth district of San Diego County, has confirmed the report through a statement to the media, in which he mentioned that. this person of Afghan nationality crossed the border with a group of migrants and upon being secured was found to be on the “terrorism watch list”.

He said that this detention should serve as a stark reminder to President Joe Biden and the Federal Government. “about the critical need to maintain a strong border.”

U.S. authorities have not released any further information about this personwho may have taken advantage of the camp that was located between the border walls prior to the end of Title 42 last Thursday after the end of the health emergency, which allowed the immediate expulsion of undocumented migrants under the pretext of covid-19, but instituted other restrictions on asylum claims at the border. and began deporting through another regulation known as Title 8.

Unlike Title 42, Title 8 does allow migrants to seek asylum upon arrival at the border.but they must meet several requirements, including having applied for asylum in the countries through which they have passed or else they may be quickly deported.

Kayleigh Williams