Bill Gates believes AI can teach children to ‘read and write’ in the next 18 months

Bill Gates believes AI can teach children to ‘read and write’ in the next 18 months

Bill Gates has predicted that the artificial intelligence will be able to perform a function that computers, to date, cannot yet perform concisely: teaching reading and writing.

For the founder of Microsoftto the IA only 18 months will be enough for him to be able to achieve this feat in computing.

The future

On his “Gates Notes” website, the technologist-turned-philanthropist mentioned a keynote talk at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego.

“If you just take the next 18 months, the IA Will come in as teacher’s aides and give you feedback on writing. And then they’ll expand what we’re capable of doing in math. Our bottleneck in math is really more about how we fit into the overall system and getting that teacher adoption,” Gates said in the interview.

For this, AI-powered tutoring services like ChatGPT Plus may come at a cost, but. Bill Gates argues that they will remain more affordable and accessible than traditional human mentoring.

“We have very good tools today, which if fully adopted, would actually make more progress in math scores than in the last 20 years. So, my optimism about edtech in general is not just because of the AI. It’s a set of things, even before this latest breakthrough, where I think we’re getting smarter and going out into the field,” Gates said.

AI for teaching

In early March, in a blog post titled “The age of IA has begun,” Gates expressed his belief that software powered by intelligence artificial intelligence will fulfill the promise of revolutionizing the way people teach and learn.

He praised the invention of ChatGPT as a revolutionary technological demonstration, similar to his introduction to the graphical user interface in the 1980s.


Daniel Chapman