Microsoft closed a better-than-expected first quarter thanks to AI

Microsoft closed a better-than-expected first quarter thanks to AI

Microsoft on Tuesday posted significantly better-than-expected results for the first quarter of the year, boosted by its business of cloud or cloud that relies on artificial intelligence.

Between January and March, the firm’s third accounting quarter and first of the year, Microsoft posted a 7% increase in revenue over the same quarter last year, to $52.8 billion.

Artificial intelligence makes a difference

Microsoft has taken a clear lead among the tech giants since the November launch of the generative artificial intelligence interface (capable of creating on-demand content in common language). ChatGPTdesigned by the Californian company OpenAIin which he invested massively.

The Redmond (Washington state) firm already integrated. ChatGPT to your search engine Bingwhich relaunched this portal so far unable to compete with Google.

Microsoft intends to use the technology of ChatGPT on all its products.

“The models of artificial intelligence The world’s most advanced artificial intelligence systems are usable with the most universal interface, the common language, and will usher in a new era for computing,” said the chairman of MicrosoftSatya Nadella, quoted in a statement released Tuesday.

Sign of the momentum that gave him ChatGPT to the group, its income from cloudwhich uses artificial intelligencerose 22% in one year to $28.5 billion and represent more than half of the company’s turnover (54%).

In the first quarter, the earnings of Microsoft reached 18.3 billion dollars, 9.4% more than in the same quarter of last year. Per share, it was $2.45, well above the $2.24 expected by analysts.

In electronic trading after the close of Wall Streetthe firm’s shares gained 4.79%.



Daniel Chapman