Artificial intelligence: Grimes announces that ‘anyone can use their voice’ to create songs

Artificial intelligence: Grimes announces that ‘anyone can use their voice’ to create songs

The eccentric artist Grimes has announced that it will allow “anyone to use their voice” through tools from artificial intelligence to create songs.

Grimeswho is not afraid of technology and has already demonstrated this in the past, only requires that the creators give him 50% of the profits they make.

Grimes and AI

“I will split 50% of the royalties on any AI-generated hit song that uses my voice,” posted Grimes On Twitter Sunday night. “Feel free to use my voice without penalty,” she said, claiming she has no etiquette or “legal ties.”

Grimes didn’t add much detail about how arrangements like this would work, but said that profit sharing could apply to “viral” or “super popular” tracks made with her voice that are already making the rounds.

Grimes was the partner of Elon Muskthe also eccentric character, and they have two children named X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl (actually that’s what they are called).

According to “The Elon Musk Show,” a documentary series by. BBCthe millionaire believed that the artist “was a simulation of a perfect companion”.

Voice cloning

Grimes is not the first artist to embrace voice cloning and the tools of artificial intelligence.

Holly Herndon, an experimental musician, introduced her own artificial voice called Holly Plus in 2021. Herndon allows users to upload audio files and receive a new version sung in her voice. Only members of Herndon’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) can benefit from the voice model.

Only recently, the song Heart on my sleevewhere Drake and The Weeknd allegedly sing, went viral on platforms, reaching 600 thousand plays on Spotify, as well as 15 million views on TikTok and 275 thousand plays on YouTube. The song was made entirely with artificial intelligence.

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Daniel Chapman