Elon Musk: Google’s Larry Page is creating ‘digital God’

Elon Musk: Google’s Larry Page is creating ‘digital God’

Elon Musk has stated that he severed his friendship with Larry Pageco-founder of Googleafter exposing him to the dangers posed by the artificial intelligence.

Through an interview with Foxthe tycoon also pointed out that Page is creating a ‘digital God’ with respect to his own technologies.

The AI problem

The Tesla CEO said Page “got very upset with me about OpenAI,” the company Musk helped found as a competitor to the artificial intelligence efforts of Google.

“When OpenAI was created, it changed things from a unipolar world where DeepMind de Google controlled like three-quarters of all AI talent to where now there’s sort of a bipolar world of OpenAI and Google DeepMind,” Musk told Fox News host Tucker Carlson during an interview that aired Tuesday. “Now at least we’re seeing that OpenAI is maybe ahead.”

When they were close friends, he claims, the two had long conversations about the security of the intelligence artificial.

“He really seemed to be sort of a digital superintelligence, basically a digital god, so to speak, as soon as possible,” the now Twitter CEO responded. That led to Musk, along with Sam Altman, co-founding OpenAI.

From there, Musk claims not to converse with Page.

What about humanity?

Elon Musk assures that Larry Page called him a “speciesist.”

“At one point I said, ‘how about, you know, (how are we) going to make sure humanity is OK here?” he recounted, laughing. “And then he called me a speciesist.”

Speciesism is defined as bigotry or discrimination based on species, often manifested by human cruelty to animals.

“So, I was like, ‘Okay, that’s it. Yeah, I’m a speciesist, okay. You got me, what are you going to, yeah, I’m totally a speciesist. Arrested,'” he added.

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