ChatGPT: Young Chinese man ‘resurrects’ his AI grandmother and talks to her

ChatGPT: Young Chinese man ‘resurrects’ his AI grandmother and talks to her

A 24-year-old from Shanghai, China, “revived” his grandmother by means of artificial intelligence to be able to converse with it.

The publication, reported by the South China Morning Posthas initiated a discussion on the application of new technologies in the country, which is working on development rules for AI in its territory.

The case

The young Chinese man used imaging software and old photos to create a dynamic image of his grandmother.

He then trained the artificial intelligence to mimic his tone of voice using recordings of his telephone conversations he had with his grandmother before she passed away.

He also spent time talking to ChatGPT to learn how to make the AI behave like her.

“I shared many details of my grandmother’s life with ChatGPT, hoping that it could understand my grandmother’s family background and speech so that it could communicate with me in my grandmother’s tone,” Wu said.

The conversation

Through a video, you can see the result of the young man’s work.

“Grandma, my dad and I will return to our hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year with you this year,” Wu says in the recording. “My dad called you last time, what did you say to him?”

“I told him not to drink wine. Be thrifty and don’t play cards,” “replied” the grandmother. You can watch the video at this link.

During the conversation, the image of the grandmother looked attentive, as if listening, and her mouth moved as she spoke.

The young man noted that his grandmother died of COVID-19 at age 84 in the midst of the pandemic. He claims that she raised him after his parents’ divorce. He asserts that he never had a chance to say goodbye, as she remained in a coma until she died.

“This project is just for psychological comfort, but it feels good to be able to look at grandma and talk to her more,” he notes.

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