Spain: Streamers must register under ‘audiovisual services’.

Spain: Streamers must register under ‘audiovisual services’.

The massive wave of streamers and its large audience has attracted the attention of SpainSpain, home country of the most famous in Ibero-America, will now require them to register for providing audiovisual services in its territory.

A change in the new General Law of Audiovisual Communication will require them to join the State Registry of Audiovisual Communication Service Providers, where they will share space alongside technology platforms such as Netflix. Why?

Streamers Registry

This change has been announced by the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) and points out that the. streamers provide audiovisual services to Spaniards.

For the broadcaster, the streamers are people who “have effective control over the selection of content” and only differ from others by their channel: websites such as Twitch or YouTube.

The CNMC has added a category for. streamers in order for the authorities to have a record of their activity. The organization is still in the process of clarifying whether streamers should be differentiated by region or by specific cities.

There is also the question of podcasters being included in this new system.

What is the purpose?

With this registration, the streamers will have greater professionalization before the law, but with clearer rules.

For example, they will be monitored for whether they run unregistered paid advertising campaigns, broadcast gambling advertising to under-18s, or incite hate and racist speech on the Internet.

The list would be joined by big names in Spain such as ElRubius, Ibai, Auronplay, Xokas and many more.

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Daniel Chapman