Google: calls for regulation of AI similar to nuclear weapons

Google: calls for regulation of AI similar to nuclear weapons

The CEO of Google and CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichaihas expressed his concerns about the development of the artificial intelligence without regulatory framework.

According to the tech leader, which is also developing its own AI called. Bardthis technology can be “very harmful” if implemented incorrectly.

Pichai is concerned

In the middle of an interview with CBSPichai said that the negative consequences that can result from the artificial intelligence keep him “awake at night”.

“It can be very harmful if implemented incorrectly, and we don’t have all the answers yet, and technology is advancing rapidly. So, does that keep me up at night? Absolutely,” he said.

The CEO noted that governments need global frameworks to regulate artificial intelligence as it develops. For him, this regulatory framework should be similar to that of nuclear weapons.

Pichai added that AI could cause harm through its ability to produce disinformation. “It will be possible with AI to create, you know, a video easily. Where it could be Scott (Pelley, the interviewer from CBS) saying something, or me saying something, and we never said that. And it might seem accurate. But you know, on a social scale, you know, it can cause a lot of damage.”

Google develops its own AI

The parent company of GoogleAlphabet, Alphabet, owns the company’s artificial intelligence UK-based DeepMind and has launched a chatbot powered by this technology, Bardin reply to ChatGPT.

The head of Google added that the version of its technology now available to the public “is safe.” He added that the company was being responsible by withholding more advanced versions of Bard to test.

Pichai admitted that society did not seem to be prepared for the rapid advances in artificial intelligence. He said that “there seems to be a mismatch” between the pace at which society thinks about and adapts to change compared to the pace at which AI evolves. However, he added that at least people have become more quickly alerted to its potential dangers.

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Daniel Chapman