Woman created with artificial intelligence sells her nudes to Reddit users

Woman created with artificial intelligence sells her nudes to Reddit users

A woman created by artificial intelligence has been the protagonist of a very curious case in the forums of Reddit.

Claudia was created by Stabble Diffusion, a popular AI tool on the Internet, and with a single posting caused an avalanche of comments from males willing to pay for more photos.

Claudia is smart

Claudia’s first publication read, “I feel pretty today”.

The comments started to grow in number. “How beautiful you are,” “Very sexy” and more messages began to pile up.

But Claudia wasn’t real: she was created with internet tools. Her developers claim that her strong resemblance to a real woman has allowed them to sell nude photos to people who think she really exists with prices ranging from $100 per unit.

“You could compare her to vtubers: they create their own characters and play as completely different people. We honestly didn’t think it would have that much appeal,” one of the creators told Rolling Stone.

“One could say that this whole account is just a test to fool people with images of artificial intelligence.” also noted.

A growing trend

In contrast to the images deepfake for porn videos, Claudia has been created from scratch based on millions of millions of images from the internet.

Stable Diffusionthe tool with which it was created, is one of the best image generators on the market. It uses machine learning to create hyper-realistic images using text-based prompts.

However, still many users came to detect the falsehood behind its lines,

In response to the complaints, now the forum where Claudia first appeared asks for a 10 to 15 second video to verify the identity of its new members.

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Daniel Chapman