Elon Musk made the list of 100 most influential people, but considered an ‘online troll’

Elon Musk made the list of 100 most influential people, but considered an ‘online troll’

Elon Musk was included in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world for this 2023 of the magazine. Time. However, his description has criticized him at every possible opportunity.

Musk entered the listing for the fifth year, but this time he has been labeled an “online troll.”

Richest troll

The CEO of Twitter has been described as the “troll richest online troll in the world”.

“It’s a shame, because much of what he has tried to do throughout his career, even if some of it remains aspirational, has been bold and inspiring, especially compared to most of the more nondescript techies for whom a better online dating service is the pinnacle of innovation,” wrote Kara Swisher, the media reporter in charge of the character’s biography.

“But under the erratic rule of Musk, Twitter has become a non-stop grievance tantrum that we all must endure, and he wastes too much time playing his toxic fiddle while it burns. What’s the opposite of progress? Elon Musk 2023,” he also adds.

Swisher notes that she was one of the most enthusiastic about the idea that. Elon Musk purchase Twitter. However, many measures taken by the tycoon were not to her liking, which caused her to criticize her and Musk to cut off all communication with her.

An opinion that changes over time

Elon Musk has entered the list of 100 most influential people in the years 2010, 2013, 2018 and 2021.

In 2010, director Jon Favreau called Musk “a model of enthusiasm, good humor and curiosity, a Renaissance man in an era that needs them.”

By 2021, the founder of Huffington PostArianna Huffington, noted that “Musk is not only changing the way we transport ourselves, he is increasing human possibilities.”

Following the purchase of Twitter, general opinion towards Elon Musk has changed sharply, especially in his treatment of the company’s former employees.

“I’ve been under constant attack,” Musk recently told BBC. “It’s not like I have a stone-cold heart or anything. It’s hard.”

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