37% of Peruvians access the Internet through their TV sets

37% of Peruvians access the Internet through their TV sets

7.6 million Peruvians are regular consumers of digital content streaming through their TV.

According to a study by SunMediaAdTech specializing in creativity, this figure represents 37% of the digital population.

Connected TV

Connected TV refers to devices that are connected to the internet and allow viewers to consume audiovisual content and browse the internet.

In the study, more than 12 thousand consumers from 7 Latin countries, including ours, participated.

Twenty percent of the population that consumes connected TV does so from the three available platforms: a Smart TVa video game console and from a streaming device such as a Chromecast or Roku.

Of the three cases, it is the Smart TV the one with the highest adoption among Peruvians, with 98% of consumers; 15% do it from a streaming device and 14% do it only from a console.

More convenient for viewers

Data from the Comscore study shows that, according to consumers’ perceptions, traditional television has 70% more advertising in its content.

Regarding the level of interruption, 68 % of consumers say that traditional TV commercials are more intrusive.

Regarding the relevance of advertising, the study noted that advertising should be: relevant to interests/hobbies (40%), related to what is being watched (38%) or related to things that were searched for or purchased online (30%).

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Daniel Chapman