Man leaked U.S. military secrets on Discord: was leader of young gun enthusiasts

Man leaked U.S. military secrets on Discord: was leader of young gun enthusiasts

Secret documents from the U.S. military’s own Pentagon were leaked through Discordthe famous communication platform for young people, especially gamers, and The Washington Post traced the steps to find out on which specific channel it happened.

According to his report, the person responsible for the leak was nicknamed. OG by members of a private server on the platform and was the leader of a group of young men who “loved guns and God.”

What is known about the case

OG openly claimed to his members, who could only enter the channel by invitation, that he worked at a military base and claimed to know high-level government secrets.

The group was composed of nearly 30 people, all men who shared a passion for guns, the military and God, claims the Post.

“He’s fit. He’s strong. He’s trained. Pretty much everything you can expect from some kind of crazy movie,” stated a member who disclosed the information to the media outlet.

Witnesses note that the man sought to get members of the group to pay attention to every publication he made, such as transcripts he made about the location of politicians around the world and other military secrets.

But it was in late 2022 that, faced with the lack of attention to his posts, which OG began sharing photographs of actual documents. It is reported that there were as many as 300 photographs of classified documents on the server and it is estimated to leak at least 100 intelligence files.

Wrong hands

These documents started coming out of the Discordcalled “Thug Shaker Central”, and got into the wrong hands: Russian Telegram channels and 4Chan forums between March and April of this year 2023.

In the very Discord, reports started coming in from gamers gathered on youtuber servers or games such as. Minecraft.

By the time it became a reported case in the U.S. media, OG asked all the members of the channel to remove the information he was sharing. The witness claims that the rest of the participants were saddened by this case and the separation of their leader.

Discord is “cooperating with law enforcement” while U.S. officials figure out how much secret information has actually been exposed.

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Daniel Chapman