ChatGPT: study reveals that AI consumes an enormous amount of water on its servers

ChatGPT: study reveals that AI consumes an enormous amount of water on its servers

ChatGPT has quickly become one of the most widely used digital platforms on the entire Internet so maintaining it is quite expensive for OpenAIthe company behind the artificial intelligence. The amount of resources and energy required for the servers in the chatbot continue to function is immense and, interestingly, also requires an impressive excess of water.

According to a study by the University of Colorado Riverside and the University of Texas Arlington which measures the energetic impact of the language models of IA as GPT-3 y GPT-4In addition, companies use a large amount of fresh water to cool the servers that are intended to keep these services running. For example, Microsoft allocates up to 700,000 liters of water to its U.S. data centers just to train GPT-3..

Water is vital for artificial intelligences.

Researchers in the report claim that this freshwater expenditure would triple “if the training had been conducted at the Asian data centers of Microsoft. To exemplify the enormous amount of this resource that the technological firm of Redmond has consumed to cool its servers for the training of the artificial intelligencethe authors of the study point out that with these 700 thousand liters, BWM could have produced up to 370 cars and Tesla up to 320.

The figures for water that ChatGPT spends are even more impressive when you take into account that each session of about 20 to 50 chatbot questions consumes a 500 ml bottle of water. Apparently, this is quite low, but considering the popularity of the artificial intelligence platform from OpenAI Today, millions of people are talking to the AI on a daily basis and this translates into excessive water expenditure.

Considering that the scarcity of clean water is increasing over the years, researchers are urging that the technology firms in charge of developing the AI “they should take their social responsibility and lead by example by addressing their own water footprint.”. The study does not, however, specify an effective solution with which to OpenAI o Google Can replace the current process.

ChatGPT costs millions of dollars to maintain.

ChatGPT not only consumes a great deal of energy and water, but also requires a basic factor for any business: money. According to Tom Goldsteinresearcher and current professor in the department of Computer Science at the University of keep active the chatbot of OpenAI costs between $100,000 per day and $3 million per month.

That is exactly why the service of OpenAI now has a ‘Plus’ plan of ChatGPT. For about $20 per month, users can access the chatbot on an unlimited basis even during “peak hours” where the large influx of users makes it difficult to use the platform. In addition, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can also try out GPT-4the company’s new language model that is even more advanced than GPT-3.

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