ChatGPT: Microsoft to add ads in Bing AI chatbot

ChatGPT: Microsoft to add ads in Bing AI chatbot

Microsoft has kicked off with a practice that many had already expected since its chatbot powered by the same artificial intelligence from ChatGPT was announced. The tech firm has started to merge the language model with ads to generate revenue through this new avenue that has already become quite accepted due to the immense popularity of AI thanks to the platform of OpenAI.

Through a new publication on the company’s official blog, Yusuf Mehdivice-president of Microsoftstated that the company was “exploring the possibility of placing ads in the chat experience.”, one of several things the company is doing. “to share advertising revenue with partners whose content contributed to the chat response.”.

In addition to the above, the company is also exploring ways to have Bing Chat show the sources of your work, something similar to what they already do. Google, Bing and other search engines by displaying a link to the source below snippets of information that they believe may answer the questions users have asked.

Microsoft continues to look for ways to monetize its chatbot

Ever since it made a $10 billion investment in OpenAI last January 2023, Microsoft has been dedicated to implementing the generative artificial intelligence in all of the company’s products. Therefore, as part of its plan to revitalize its offering to its users, the company announced that it would share advertising revenue with partners. The tech firm’s action is an attempt to deal with the supply and demand problem that can already be foreseen for the chatbots from IA. If these platforms make content creation less lucrative, there will be less information for these platforms to analyze, making it even more difficult for them to fulfill their functions.

However, one of the problems that may exist with advertisements on Bing Chat is that, as with the default home page of Edge or in the Windows 11The advertising that appears has little or nothing to do with the user to whom it is supposedly addressed. On several occasions, and especially if you are not logged in with a Microsoft account, viral or disreputable content that has gone viral over the last few hours on the Internet tends to appear.

Microsoft must correctly approach ads in Bing Chat

Showing these types of items in ads within your products adds little value to the user from Edge o Windows so, similarly, it’s hard to think of this type of content as adding much value to users and publishers of Bing Chat. However, the main concern about this section is the possible advertising fatigue it may cause to people using the platform.

Users of the products and services of Microsoft are already accustomed to having to deal with the large number of advertisements, which are already displayed even on the lock screen of a PC with Windows 11. Therefore, it is also possible that, at the end of the day, advertising will not end up dampening the newfound popularity of Windows 11. Bing has gained over the last few weeks thanks to the implementation of its chatbot.

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