ChatGPT: Google Bard used OpenAI data without permission, report says

ChatGPT: Google Bard used OpenAI data without permission, report says

ChatGPT changed the paradigm of the technology industry since its launch last November 2022 and has forced companies in this sector to act so as not to be left behind in what is now a growing wave of artificial intelligence. Interestingly, a former employee of Googleone of the firms that were most concerned about the chatbot, revealed that the company used data from this platform to “Bard”his own IAwithout the permission of OpenAI.

Jacob Devlinan engineer formerly with Mountain View, accused the company of using the information from ChatGPT without the consent of its developer to implement it on its own platform. The employee resigned from his position at Google upon discovering this “plagiarism” by his former employer and is now a part of the same OpenAI.

Google would have resorted to the “easy way”

During the first hours of the official launch of ChatGPT and its overwhelming success, several media outlets reported that Google would have activated a “code red” because of the threat posed by artificial intelligence to its search engine and other products since this platform was capable of elaborating, arguing and even personalizing its answers to user queries.

As pointed out by Devlin, Google was unable to replicate the functions implemented in the chatbot in OpenAI so it resorted to stealing data from its new competitor to hasten the development of its response to ChatGPT which is now known as “Bard”. Without seeking permission from the company headed by Sam Altman, the firm used the AI data and this is reportedly the reason why the engineer resigned.

Google trembles in the face of ChatGPT’s popularity.

After the information was made public, a spokesperson from Google denied the version of Devlin to the portal The Vergenoting that “Bard is not trained on data from ShareGPT o ChatGPTsaid the company’s representative, Chris Pappas. However, when asked about whether the company ever used chatbot data to train “Bard,” he said: “unfortunately, all I can share is our statement from yesterday.”.

The overwhelming success of ChatGPT worldwide has turned the technology industry upside down, and one of the main players affected by this powerful new competitor is Google. From The Informationreport that the two research teams from artificial intelligence from AlphabetGoogle’s parent company, had to overcome an intense rivalry that lasted years to work on a rival on par with Google’s chatbot. OpenAI.

The developers of Brain AI from Google are working with those in the lab DeepMind to create software capable of competing with ChatGPTaccording to two people close to the project, named as “Gemini”. This would be the new letter of the Mountain View after “Bard” did not have the expected impact because of its performance problems and other factors.

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