ChatGPT: Co-founder Sam Altman visits Japan

ChatGPT: Co-founder Sam Altman visits Japan

The CEO of OpenAIdeveloper of ChatGPT, Sam Altmanchose Japan as the top destination for business after the explosive virality of the artificial intelligence in the world.

Altman met with Japan’s prime minister, Fumio Kishida, in what would be an official approach by the Asian government to AI implementation in the country.

Almost hand in hand

The leader of the artificial intelligence has indicated that it is considering opening an office and expanding the services of OpenAI in Japan.

Kishida and Altman exchanged views on technological progress and the merits of AI, as well as its risks and even copyright infringement.

“We hope to build something great for the Japanese, as well as improve models for the language and their culture,” Altman told the press media. He noted that he is hopeful that Japan, as a geopolitical powerhouse, will play a role in AI adoption.

Japan is watching them closely

The Japanese government has shown interest in adopting the technology from artificial intelligence, as opposed to that of other nations such as Italy, which prohibited ChatGPT because of privacy concerns. But other nations such as Ireland, Germany and the UK are considering following suit.

The country’s chief cabinet secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, noted that the government will consider adopting technology from artificial intelligence, primarily ChatGPT, if privacy and cybersecurity concerns are resolved.

“We will make all necessary considerations about ways to handle sensitive information and concerns about information leaks,” he said. “Once those concerns are resolved, we will consider the use of AI to reduce the workload of national civil servants.”

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