New version of Microsoft Outlook will support Gmail accounts

New version of Microsoft Outlook will support Gmail accounts

Microsoft has announced that its email service Outlook is already testing support for third-party service accounts, starting with. Gmailfor which it already offers support in its preview.

Microsoft has been working for months to create a unified experience of Outlook and focused on personal productivity and email organization for users of Outlook.

At the end of September, he made available to the community. Office Insiders the new format of its messaging service, through a preview version that could be accessed from within the interface of Outlookwith a button in the upper right corner indicating this.

He then indicated that users could add personal email accounts from. Outlook, Hotmail y Windows Livein order to access these services from the same space.

Not only Gmail in Outlook

The company has now announced that it has begun rolling out support for third-party service accounts, beginning with Gmail. Thus, users can now use their e-mail address from Gmail, Google Calendar y Contacts inside the new preview of Outlook for Windows.

With that, it has commented that “soon” it will also add support for. Yahoo e iCloudas well as the ability to connect the inbox via IMAP.

“Our intention is for everyone to be able to access all of their emails, in one place, on any device, with Windows 10 o Windows 11“, the company said in a statement.

Along with support for third-party services, Microsoft has introduced features designed “to make writing and managing email easier” that will be coming to users in the next few weeks.

Among them, full editing, spelling and autocomplete suggestions-thanks to Microsoft EditorThe ability to send survey e-mails for business and education accounts or the ability to join Skype y Teams directly from the new Outlook for Windows.

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