Xiaomi denies it will hire Huawei CEO

Xiaomi denies it will hire Huawei CEO

Xiaomi has denied rumors that it plans to incorporate Richard Yuexecutive director of Huaweito its car manufacturing initiative.

After the rumor circulated in Chinathe Public Relations Department of Xiaomi denied the possible hiring of the senior executive of Huawei.

Yicai reports that a source close to Richard Yu indicated that joining Xiaomi Is impossible as it would affect it’s income and reputation while. Huawei is sailing in murky waters amid sanctions imposed by the United States.

Xiaomi wants to make their cars

During a meeting with investors earlier this year, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomisaid that the Chinese company will invest more than 2 billion, about 291 million dollars at the exchange rate, in new businesses, including cars.

Since 2021, it is known that Xiaomi Is working to make its own car.

At the heart of Huawei

Richard Yu or Yu Chengdong joined Huawei in 1993, passing through various divisions of the company, where it has been important to its growth and navigating amid sanctions imposed by the United States since 2019.


Daniel Chapman