Microsoft announces image AI on Bing based on DALL-E

Microsoft announces image AI on Bing based on DALL-E

There is no doubt that Microsoft is focused on defeating Google into unsuspected territory: the Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft announced Thursday the availability of its AI-powered image generator. artificial intelligence DALL-E “on the desktop for Edge users around the world”.


In a post within the corporate blog this Thursday, Microsoft introduced the feature as a way to create “very specific” visual files when working on social media posts or slideshows and documents, an additive that could boost the use of the Microsoft 365 suite.

The company announced last month that it would be available when it integrated the image-generating technology into its Bing chatbot, but this move could make it available to a much wider audience.

When implemented, the “Image Builder” will live in the Edge sidebar. Using it should be fairly simple; you type in what you want to see and Bing will generate several images that match the request. Then, you can download the ones you like and use them as you need.

Microsoft adds AI image generator to Bing

“At Microsoft, we want to put exciting innovation directly into your hands to boost your productivity and creativity. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Image Creator is now available on the desktop for Edge users around the world.” notes the company.

While this has been possible in various ways before – from OpenAI’s DALL-E, Microsoft’s Bing image creator site, the generator built into Bing Chat or one of the many other AI generators – putting it directly in the Edge sidebar makes it much easier to ask the system to make you some images while you’re doing something else on the web.

According to MicrosoftIf the user wants to add it manually to their sidebar before being able to access it, at least for now. To do this, simply open the sidebar, click the “+” button and then toggle the switch next to Image Maker.

According to The Verge, Microsoft has not clarified how many images users could make with the tool or when it should expect everyone to see it.

More AI tools from Microsoft

The Redmond company announced that it is adding other features to Edge, such as the “Drop” tool that allows you to send files and other content to yourself between different devices.

“With the new Drop feature in Microsoft Edge, we’re giving you a place to put and access all the content you want to share with yourself, on any device you use. With this feature, not only can you share photos with yourself from one device to another, but you can also share other types of files and even notes.” they note in the release.

In addition, they introduced a tool called “Browser Essentials,” a clickable button that allows Edge to report how well it is performing in terms of efficiency and malware detection (although this feature is only available in early access versions).

Daniel Chapman