Wikipedia: Founder discusses using ChatGPT in articles

Wikipedia: Founder discusses using ChatGPT in articles

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Waleshas expressed his interest in using the ChatGPT artificial intelligence to create articles for your platform.

Wales said that the community of Wikipedia is cautious about existing AI models, but also intrigued.

Wikipedia with AI?

In a conversation with Evening Standardthe expert noted that he was impressed with the progress of the ChatGPT.

“The discussion in the community of Wikipedia I’ve seen so far is…people are cautious in the sense that we’re aware that the existing models aren’t good enough, but we’re also intrigued because there seems to be a lot of possibilities here,” Wales says.

“I think we’re still a long way from: ‘ChatGPTplease write an entry in Wikipedia about the Empire State Building,’ but we’re certainly closer than I would have thought two years ago,” he said.

Wales says that, as much as ChatGPT has gripped the world’s imagination in recent weeks, their own testing of the technology shows that there are still many flaws.

“One of the problems with the ChatGPT existing is what they call in the field ‘hallucination’; I call it lying,” he said. “He has a tendency to make things up out of thin air, which is really bad for Wikipediathat’s just not right. We have to be very careful about that.”

A distant future

But, although full AI authorship is ruled out in the short term, there is already much discussion in Wikipedia On what role technology might play in improving the encyclopedia in the coming months.

“I think there are some interesting opportunities for human assistance where it did have a artificial intelligence That it was trained on the right corpus of things. For example, here are two entries from Wikipediacheck them and see if there are statements that contradict each other and identify tensions where one article seems to say something slightly different from the other,” Wales said.

“A human being could spot this, but would have to read both articles side by side and think it through; if you automate the feed to get hundreds of examples, I think our community might find it quite useful.”

“Using an AI to triple the number of inputs from. Wikipedia would not increase our operating costs by more than £1,000 a year,” he finished.

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