ChatGPT sued in France for use of personal data

ChatGPT sued in France for use of personal data

The conversational robot ChatGPT has been the subject of at least two lawsuits in Francefiled by associations denouncing alleged abuses regarding the use of personal data, the plaintiffs said Wednesday.

ChatGPT is a robot that works with artificial intelligenceand is capable of holding complex conversations with its interlocutor.

The Italian government decided on Friday to ban the service, accused of not respecting legislation on personal data and of lacking a system for verifying the age of minor users.

FranceIreland and Germany have entered into talks with Italy to try to establish a common position on the matter.

Complaints to ChatGPT

One of the complaints in France was presented by a lawyer, Zoé Villain, president of Janus International, an association that campaigns to raise awareness of the challenge of cybersecurity.

“We are not anti-technology, but we want ethical technology,” she declared.

Villain explained that, after signing up for the service, created by the California-based firm OpenAIquickly found that there were no “general conditions of use” or “confidentiality policy”.

After unsuccessfully attempting to clarify the situation with OpenAIfiled a complaint with the French agency that monitors the respect of personal data.

Another complaint was filed by David Libeau, a creator of computer applications who also battles for the respect of privacy.

When asked for information about himself, “the algorithm began to ramble on and attribute me with creating websites and organizing online demonstrations, which is totally false,” Libeau wrote in his complaint.

Generative artificial intelligence, a technology used by. ChatGPT from its incessant search for information on the Internet, can invent some facts, as its own creators have acknowledged. (AFP=

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