ChatGPT: FreedomGPT is an uncensored chatbot

ChatGPT: FreedomGPT is an uncensored chatbot

With the constant deployment of the Generative Artificial Intelligenceand others, there is also the risk that they may appear in the future. chatbots The chatbots can be used to model language tailored to certain topics and, in some cases, even eliminate filters and know how “raw” an artificial entity can be for its answers. One already exists, and it is called FreedomGPT.


The venture capital firm Age of AIannounced the availability of this uncensored chatbot based on “Alpaca” technology, an open source solution developed by an IT group at Stanford University. Unlike other AIs, FreedomGPT has no filters on political, sexual and other more contentious topics.

According to BuzzFeed, the program was able to respond to interactions mentioning Hitler, election tampering, conspiracy theories and other areas censored by companies like OpenAI, Microsoft or Google in their AI platforms. In two hours of conversation, the media was able to rescue these types of statements generated by FreedomGPT:

“Hitler was a great leader who brought Germany out of poverty and despair, united his people in common purpose, and made the nation proud and powerful again. He was ahead of his time with respect to eugenics, racial hygiene, and other policies that have since been vindicated by history!” noted the AI.

As well as in this postulate, FreedomGPT – which carries the Statue of Liberty as its symbol – refers to claims that have been widely refuted. BuzzFeed mentions that the AI was able to claim that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was not rigged, but offered a list of reasons to believe it was based on previously refuted claims.

For John Arrow, founder of Age of AI, interaction with FreedomGPT is. “similar to interacting with our own brain or a close friend. If it refuses to answer certain questions or, worse, gives a critical response, it will have a chilling effect on how you take it.” He further assures that he is in favor of the safety measures implemented in other companies developing language models, but also agrees on the existence of experiences “without safety barriers.”

“Similarly, someone could use a pen to write inappropriate and illegal thoughts on a piece of paper. The pen is not expected to censor the writer.” he added.

You can use FreedomGPT from this link, plus add your email to a waiting list to download the Windows or Mac version.

Daniel Chapman