Sam Altman vs. Elon Musk: Founded OpenAI and publicly criticized each other

Sam Altman vs. Elon Musk: Founded OpenAI and publicly criticized each other

The artificial intelligence is at one of its best moments. The development of this technology, however, is being criticized and put under debate by multiple industry figures, who are calling for regulation to find the safest way for mankind to take advantage of it. Behind them, Sam Altman y Elon Musk are key figures.

Both founded in 2015 OpenAIan open source company that was willing to do AI research. Now, 8 years later, the two are feuding and publicly throwing barbs at each other.

A damaged relationship

Certainly, the popularity of ChatGPTbot that uses artificial intelligence to create texts and converse with humans, has made this separation of ideas more marked.

Musk, now away from the company since 2018, has noted that this technology “was the greatest existential threat” to humanity. His departure from the company, according to Altman, was because he wanted to lead the company to beat Google, which was also pushing its own division for AI.

Today, Twitter’s CEO asked through an open letter that all companies engaged in the development of the artificial intelligence and that are equal or more powerful than GPT-4, stop their development for at least 6 months so that the corresponding entities can form regulatory and ethical commissions to this technology. The letter was also signed by other personalities such as the co-founder of Apple and the creator of Skype.

To this, Altman responded through his Twitter account: “All very calm in the eye of the hurricane”. He knows that, if fulfilled, it would limit the development of his main creation and that would have economic consequences: ChatGPT now maintains a premium subscription with which it tests new features for its users.

“To say something positive about Elon, I think he really cares about a future in which there is artificial intelligence general (also called strong AI). I mean, he’s a jerk, and whatever else you want to say about him; he’s got a style that’s not what I would want to have. But I think he really cares, and he’s very stressed about what the future of humanity is going to look like,” Altman has said, giving some credence to his ideas.


Elon Musk has been the most vocal about his former company through the media.

Two years after his departure, Musk said:”OpenAI should be more open” in response to an article by MIT Technology Review which reported that there was a culture of secrecy there, despite the company’s oft-proclaimed commitment to transparency.

Musk also added that his “confidence in Dario’s security is not high,” referring to Dario Amodei, who led the strategic OpenAI at that time.

“I need to understand more about the governance structure and revenue plans in the future. OpenAI was started as open source and not-for-profit. Neither is still true,” Musk also said recently about the direction the company is heading.

In response to Musk’s assertion that. OpenAI has become “a closed-source, maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft,” Altman said in a podcast, “Most of that is not true, and I think Elon knows that.”

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Daniel Chapman