GPT-4: AI saved dog’s life through diagnosis

GPT-4: AI saved dog’s life through diagnosis

GPT-4the latest and most advanced version of the artificial intelligence present in the popular ChatGPTcontinues to dazzle technology enthusiasts with its processing skills and ability to perform tasks that might seem human-like to the naked eye. His most recent feat was saving a dog’s life by providing an accurate diagnosis to its owner.

According to the report of the portal Tekn├│filoa user of Twitter identified as. @peakcooper recently shared the story of how the large language model of OpenAI managed to save his pet’s life through a thread. Thanks to the data processing capabilities of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 4In this way, it was possible to find out what the dog was suffering from and a way to treat it.

AI saved a dog’s life

As mentioned in your TwitterThe initial diagnosis given to the user by a veterinarian was that his pet had a tick-borne disease. Although the dog started treatment immediately, his health condition soon worsened a few days later and the specialist was unable to determine the reason for his severe anemia.

Concerned and frustrated by the lack of answers from the experts consulted, the user opted to seek a solution by asking GPT-4. In order to carry out his or her consultation, this person fed the artificial intelligence with detailed information about the symptoms his dog was suffering from and the results of blood tests he obtained over several days.

GPT-4 provided an accurate diagnosis

While he warned that he was not a veterinarian, the artificial intelligence GPT-4 was able to perfectly interpret all the data provided by the user to offer a possible diagnosis: the dog suffered from immune-mediated hemolytic anemia or IMHA. With this information in his possession, the owner decided to seek out another veterinarian who confirmed the diagnosis and his dog was finally able to receive the appropriate treatment to heal.

To end his thread of posts, the user gave up in praise for. GPT-4 for its great ability to interpret data such as dog blood test results accurately and, incidentally, to provide a step-by-step explanation of its conclusion. There is no doubt that without the consultation of the artificial intelligencethe user’s pet would no longer be among us.

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Daniel Chapman