Alibaba: Jack Ma back in China after one year

Alibaba: Jack Ma back in China after one year

Jack Maknown for founding Alibabaone of the world’s largest companies, has returned to China after more than a year out of the Asian country due to pressures applied by Xi Jinping’s government.

The billionaire businessman reappeared in the last hours in a school he founded in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, called Yungu Education.

The news was shared through the institution’s WeChat account, where photographs were shown, as well as a video without audio of Ma.

Away from the country

Jack Ma was the most successful entrepreneur in Chinabut his criticism of the country’s regulatory system provoked a crackdown by the government.

After pointing out that the country was being run “like a pawnshop,” Beijing began investigating Alibaba “for alleged anti-competitive behavior,” while. Ant Group, a financial technology company that was about to list on the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchanges, was placed on review of its activities.

Therefore, at the end of 2021 the businessman left the country to avoid persecution, being seen through photos in countries such as Japan, Australia and Thailand. In recent days, he even visited Uruguay, where he is evaluating new businesses such as the meat industry.

His return to the country is being taken as an example of “peace” between the government and the entrepreneurs of multiple national giants, who were also harmed by Xi Jinping’s campaign.

A few words

On his visit, Jack Ma talked about how some technologies such as ChatGPT usher in the era of artificial intelligence, highlighting their usefulness in solving problems rather than fearing their problematics.

For Ma, although the physical and mental strength of machines is superior to that of humans, they “only have a core, while humans have a heart.”

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Daniel Chapman