China promises Apple “good environment and services for foreign companies”.

China promises Apple “good environment and services for foreign companies”.

Tim Cookthe CEO of Apple, met with China’s Minister of Commerce, amid tensions between the Asian giant and the United States.

The meeting with Wang Wentao took place on Monday, where the two discussed the development of Apple at Chinasaid the official.

Wang assured Cook that “China is willing to provide a good environment and services for foreign companies, including Apple,” Reuters reports.

It was important for both of them to establish supply and industrial chains, Wang Wentao detailed.

Tim Cook traveled to China, where he participated in a government business event.

Apple dominates China

Apple remains the brand with the largest market share in smartphone shipments in China.

Canalys indicates that Apple closed 2022 with 22% of the world’s largest cell phone market. Local companies live (22%), OPPO (17%) y Honor (16%), Xiaomi (11%) are followed by.

However, Apple has signaled that it wants to become less dependent on China for the production of its iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal reported in late 2022 that situations such as the crisis in “iPhone City” due to China’s zero COVID policies have caused Tim Cook to seek to reduce its reliance on Taiwan’s Foxconn, targeting factories in India y Vietnam.


Daniel Chapman