Bing and Edge incorporate Dall-E-based image generator

Bing and Edge incorporate Dall-E-based image generator

Microsoft capitalizes on its collaboration with OpenAI and has incorporated its new Bing y Edge based on artificial intelligence (AI) an image creator based on the model Dall-E, Bing Image Creatorwhich also generates content from a text description.

Behind Bing Image Creator is an advanced version of Dall-Ethe image generator of OpenIA that only needs a text premise to create high quality content.

Now, Microsoft has announced that this creator has been integrated into previous versions of the search engine. Bing and the browser Edgewhere it works together with the chatbot. “Now you can generate written and visual content in one place,” the company notes on the official blog.

How does the image generator work?

In the search engine preview, this new tool is implemented in the chatbot’s creative mode. “By typing a description of an image, provide additional context such as location or activity, and choose an art style, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination”, explain from Microsoft.

For its part, Edge becomes “the first and only browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator”. Here, Image Creator is available worldwide in English, in a dedicated icon in the sidebar.

Image Creator is also available in English for the users of the preview of Bingon both desktop and mobile devices, starting this Tuesday.

Along with this novelty, the company has made available to all users’ devices. Bing Storiesits version of stories, for searching and interacting with content, whether images or short videos; and Knowledge Cards 2.0an AI-powered infographic-inspired experience that provides key information at a glance.

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Daniel Chapman