Pornhub: Ethical Capital Partner acquires website

Pornhub: Ethical Capital Partner acquires website

Canadian private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) announced Thursday that it bought the troubled MindGeekthe company that operates Pornhubthe largest pornography site on the Internet.

The terms of the transaction were not made public.

Pornhub has changed its parent company

MindGeekwhich is headquartered in Luxembourg but with a large headquarters in Montreal, has been the target of several lawsuits for allegedly profiting from the distribution of child pornography and non-consensual sex videos, allegations the company has denied.

“We are committed to the team of MindGeek and with stakeholders, content creators, advocates, law enforcement, civil society allies and legislators to inform our efforts to strengthen the security of MindGeek’s platforms, going beyond legal and regulatory obligations.”said in a statement Solomon Friedmanfounding partner of ECP.

Largest pornography site goes through changes.

Founded in 2004, MindGeek operates a huge portfolio of adult entertainment sites, including. Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube y

However, the leader in the internet porn market faces increasing scrutiny from December 2020, when it will The New York Times published an article accusing Pornhub of publishing illegal content on the Internet, including content related to child pornography and rape videos.

The situation led to Canadian lawmakers questioning the managers over the alleged abuses, while Mastercard and Visa suspended payments to Pornhub. Its senior executives resigned in June 2022.


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