Taiwan unveils its first portable attack drone

Taiwan unveils its first portable attack drone

Taiwan on Tuesday unveiled its first drone portable attack drone, a model similar to the U.S. one being used in Ukraine’s war against Russia, as China intensifies its military pressure on the island.

The drone armed single-use drone was introduced by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and was designed to be carried in a backpack and has the capacity to stay in the air for 15 minutes.

“Because it is lightweight and portable, it is like a large grenade that flies,” commented Chi Li-pin, head of the institute’s Aeronautical Systems Research division.

Tension and technology

The device is similar to the U.S.-made Switchblade 300 used by Ukrainian soldiers.

“It is effective in attacking targets close to our shores,” Chi added, noting that its maximum flight capability is 10 km.

The 23.5 million inhabitants of Taiwan live under constant threat of a Chinese invasion, which considers the democratically governed island part of its territory and has vowed to take it one day, even by force.

Beijing’s threats have intensified in recent years under President Xi Jinping.

Taiwan is also developing the next generation of drones attack drones, Chi said, including versions that can be used in attacks at greater distances. (AFP)

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Daniel Chapman