Youtuber to lose millions and go to jail for offering IPTV service

Youtuber to lose millions and go to jail for offering IPTV service

A youtuber with over 800 thousand subscribers who constantly bragged about his life of luxury will lose it all for engaging in piracy.

This is Bill Omar Carrasquillo, known in. YouTube as “Omi in a Hellcat”.

The man pleaded guilty to being responsible for a business of. pirate IPTV. That is, one that offers via subscription the content of other companies.

The fall of the tycoon

“Omi in a Hellcat” will lose more than $30 million in assets, including $6 million in cash, luxury cars from brands like Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley y Mclarenin addition to more than a dozen properties he accumulated in Philadelphia, Inquirer reports.

Bill Omar Carrasquillo will also spend five and a half years in prison. His sentence was influenced by his presence on social networks. “You have a large following and there are people who may think they can get away with it,” commented Judge Harvey Bartle III.

The 36-year-old apologized to his family, employees and cable companies.

Carrasquillo charged subscriptions starting as low as $15 per month to offer pirated content that in addition to live channels, included movies and series.

The company, launched in 2016, had several names such as. Gears TV y Gears Reloaded, managing to accumulate 100 thousand subscribers in 2019, when it was tapped.

At that time, it achieved revenues of more than 34 million dollars.

“I really didn’t know how significant this crime was until I was picked up by the FBI in my home,” he said.


Kayleigh Williams