One Piece: manga creator asked ChatGPT how to continue the story and this is what he replied

One Piece: manga creator asked ChatGPT how to continue the story and this is what he replied

ChatGPT continues to gain popularity day by day and it looks like the chatbot with artificial intelligence from OpenAI will continue to be the talk of the town in the coming months or even years. This platform has not gone unnoticed in any industry, no matter how distant it is from technology, and this shows its immense relevance today. So much so that even one of the most important manga authors of Japan has come to use it.

Eiichiro Odacreator of One Piecemade several inquiries to the artificial intelligence of the moment, but undoubtedly the most interesting was the one related to his work. The mangaka asked ChatGPT How the story of Luffy and the rest of the Mugiwara should continue with really interesting results. The AI offered him various ideas for continuing the pirate voyage that has stolen the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Eiichiro Oda joins the fever for ChatGPT

As reported by Sandman_JPpopular translator and news reporter from One Piecethe author Eiichiro Oda asked artificial intelligence ChatGPT if he can offer you “super awesome story” ideas. In the video shared by the user on Twitteryou can see how the Japanese writes “Hi, I’m the author of One Piece. I can’t think of next nice developments of OP. Would you consider a super awesome story on my behalf?” To the chatbot.

Neither short nor lazy, the AI responded with the following: “How do you feel about the Shadow King appearing in front of the Straw Hat crew and attempting to kidnap Chopper using his shadow ability? Robin seeks out the Shadow Tribe he has met before to defeat the enemy. The Straw Hats visit the Island of Shadows. Luffy Finally defeats the Shadow King and rescues Chopper. Robin gains new knowledge about the tribe’s history.”

After delivering this answer to him, Oda thanked ChatGPT and wrote that he would follow his proposal to the letter, to which the latter replied: “You’re welcome. Here’s another idea: The Straw Hats decide to help the “aliens” and fight an evil witch. Anyway, feel free to ask me if you need my help!”.

This information was officially shared by the Japanese account of. One Piece on Twitter.

One Piece creator tests AI.

With this experiment, Eiichiro Oda tried to joke a little with the technological trend of the moment and prove the potential it has for creative processes, as in the case of the development of his manga. While the first proposal of ChatGPT for One Piece was somewhat interesting, the truth is that the second one was totally incoherent and had no relation to characters or events that the author had previously portrayed in his work.

Of course, the usefulness of this type of tool is immeasurable, but this does not mean that it is infallible. The artificial intelligence is still often inaccurate and error-prone, even proposing nonsense as solutions or ideas to user queries. However, the technology will continue to improve as time goes by and could be polished to such a degree that it could be a perfect fit for creative processes.

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