Mercedes-Benz E-Class: with camera for selfies and tiktoks

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: with camera for selfies and tiktoks

Mercedes-Benz has announced the next line of its popular E-Class 2024, which brings as a great novelty a camera for selfies, TikTok and Zoom, on a very large screen.

The car will arrive in U.S. dealerships later in 2023, and Mercedes has kicked off the campaign by revealing a next-generation digitized interior.

The auto influencer

From the equipment, a “super display” can be seen, which occupies a central place on the entertainment dashboard, which features a vertical digital instrument cluster. Instead of floating above the trim, the various elements sit flush with the digital dashboard.

The driver can use the centrally-located video camera to attend meetings of Zoom y Webex. When the vehicle is stationary it will include video, but once running it will only play audio.

It will also have TikTok preloaded to be able to watch videos during leisure time.

Unlike the center display and digital instrument cluster, the passenger display will not turn off once the car is in motion. The vehicle uses intelligent image filtering to prevent the driver from being distracted. There are two layers of protection: dual light control of the passenger display and a camera system that monitors the driver’s eye movement. If the driver is arrested for looking over, the brightness of the passenger display will be reduced.

The communications module is 5G-enabled, providing the new. E-Class the fastest data rates currently available.

Cutting-edge technology

The feature that interests us most is the on-board artificial intelligence that Mercedes claims will ease the burden of everyday activities. Customers can set templates, which are preset for various occasions.

The design of the dials and the color of the ambient lighting also change to suit the mood. In sport mode, for example, the digital instrument cluster displays a tachometer and the main color of the interior changes to red.

Mercedes-Benz mentions cold days and date nights as an example. If the temperature drops, the climate control will automatically turn on and the interior will be bathed in a warm orange color. On date night, the car will activate a playlist to create a mood, while the interior will be bathed in red.

The new E-Class will be one of the last gasoline-powered cars from Mercedes, as the brand will pivot entirely to electric by 2030.

Mercedes-Benz has not yet announced the price of this new version, but the prices of the E-Class 2023 start at around $56,000. The E-Class is Mercedes’ mid-level model, larger than the entry-level A-Class and the more compact C-Class, but smaller and less expensive than the ultra-luxury S-Class.

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