Partouche will soon accept crypto-currencies in its casinos and is getting into the metaverse

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Partouche Group launched a project called “Joker Club”, a digital property certificate (NFT). The casino operator, which runs forty establishments, will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary next year, and this is an opportunity to invest in the metaverse, a rapidly growing virtual universe concept. Through its Partouche Multiverse subsidiary, the group intends to become a major player in 3.0 entertainment in the near future.

Partouche invests in metavers and will accept crypto-currencies

In a recent interview with Agence France Presse (AFP), Patrick Partouche, chairman of the supervisory board of Partouche Group, announced the launch of an NFT collection called “Joker Club”. The latter will allow the number two land-based casino in France to accept strong crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD etc.) within its establishments, and why not launch its own crypto-currency, the group wishing to ” (…) Reach a younger target, especially 18-35 year olds “.

It was at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, an event held in Paris from April 12 to 14 and bringing together players in the digital asset industry, that Partouche shared its new ambitions. According to Patrick Partouche: “The (…) Launching a digital property certificate and investing in crypto-currencies makes sense both technically and legally “.

Patrick Partouche: ” Partouche has been focusing on innovation for 20 years

Partouche has been focused on innovation for twenty years. We’ve never been satisfied with operating slot machines and gaming tables. We’ve always been about the games of tomorrow.”says the chairman of the group’s supervisory board. “You know, NFTs are nothing more than virtual tokens. But we have been working with tokens for fifty years. We have invented them, bought them, sold them, modified them, that’s the core of our business “, justifies the interested party.

For Maurice Schulmann, president of Partouche Multiverse, “Joker Club” certificate composed of 8,888 images each representing a unique joker with specific attributes, is a “sesame”. And he explains: ” NFTs are a gateway to a community of people who interact with each other. In concrete terms, this means offering exclusive advantages in the Partouche casino and hotel network, such as access to evenings reserved for NFT owners, participation in lotteries to win concert tickets, or a stay “.

Maurice Schulmann, who is also CEO of the Partouche Group, also explained that the buyers of NFT become the exclusive owners. However, they can resell their joker images if they wish.

Kayleigh Williams